The Hans Fallada Society

The Hans Fallada Society was founded in 1991 on the initiative of members of the Friends of Hans Fallada group formed in 1983. The Society has about 290 members in Germany and abroad. It cultivates cooperation with other literary societies and is a member of the ALG (Association of Literary Societies and Memorial Sites).

The mission and aims of the Hans Fallada Society (hfg) consist in keeping alive Hans Fallada’s lifetime literary achievements, dealing with his creative work, interpreting and cultivating it, and making it accessible to a wider public via readings, publications, literary events and exhibitions. Moreover, the hfg carries out and supports literary research on Hans Fallada. The Fallada property in Carwitz is the main focus of the hgf’s conservation efforts.

In 2008, the Hans Fallada Society was awarded the ‘Hartmut Vogel Prize of the Association of Literary Societies and Memorial Sites’ for its dedicated work.

The executive committee of the Hans Fallada Society is made up of the following persons:

Herr Michael Töteberg – Chairman –
Herr Edzard Gall – Deputy Chairman –
Herr Peter Schulz, – Treasurer –
Herr Lutz Dettmann – Committee member –
Frau Patricia Fritsch-Lange – Committee member –
Frau Constance von Buchwaldt, Beisitzerin – Committee member –
Frau Tina Warncke – Committee member –
Herr Christian Winterstein – Committee member –

Frau Doris Haupt – Assistant to the executive committee –